Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Exams~near the corner....

.......السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dec 6 (Mon)
class start at 9am-3pm

Dec 8 (Wed)
class start at 7am-3pm

Dec 9 (Thurs)
class start at 1pm-3pm

Dec 10 (Fri)
class start at 9am-11pm

Dec 11 (Sat)
Block 4.2 exam at 10am

+ Anthropo (12 Qs)

Wow.... I have classes straight in this week
(except for Awal Muharram
, falls on 7th Dec) which is the exam week. Not to complain about these but as I said.. we are also the victim of Merapi eruption.
*haha, just joking*

Good luck fellow friends.. All the best in answering the questions. Hope we all pass with flying colors,okay?

Hope all our effort and contribution pay us a reward, Insya-Allah. :)

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  1.' Hanim Dzulbazlin Bt. Dzulkiply saya menemukan hardisk anda...saya mau mengembalikan hardisk anda bagaimana caranya?....kontak saya saja